Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch)

Nepal has entered into the era of economic prosperity and social development. With economic prosperity, human settlements undergo transformation including rapid urbanization. Nepal faces dual challenge of conserving the traditional character of her existing settlements and creating completely new settlements that can provide modern amenities to the growing population. The need of architects and engineers will grow further in the years to come.

The B. Arch course in KU has been designed to address the need of the Nepalese society-both urban and rural, in shaping a sustainable, eco-friendly and livable built environment. However, to give it a distinct character, the course has been tailored to focus more on mountain architecture. Nepal, being a predominantly a mountainous country, is also a seat of ancient civilization and a melting pot of Indian and Tibetan culture and architecture. The technology developed over a many centuries need to be explored and developed to create modern human settlements in the existing geographical, social and cultural environment.

Architecture Course in Kathmandu University

The duration of the B. Arch. Course shall be five years including four months of internship. The course shall fulfill the requirements of Nepal Engineering Council and Public Service Commission. In addition to the basic courses on Architecture, Civil Engineering and building services, focus of the proposed B. Arch course shall be on mountain architecture. The project work shall focus preferably on green and sustainable building design, landscaping and rural architecture in the context of mountain environment. The graduate of KU shall be able to design not only complex buildings and structures; they will also be able to design buildings in complex topographic site conditions. The B. Arch course in KU is being designed to provide choice to students out of many architecture courses offered in Nepal but not to compete with other universities.

Following the ideals and mission of KU, the course will be offered to suit the need of the modern society and the industry.

Career Opportunities
  • -Government Ministries & Departments
  • -Private sector in Infrastructure development activities
  • -International job market (Universities, Private and public companies)
  • -Consulting Firms

Course Curriculum