BE in Mining Engineering

Bachelor's of Engineering in Mining Engineering

The historical formation of Nepal's geology suggests a high deposit of mineral resources in the region. Nepal has an abundance of minerals required for industry and construction, including the most abundant, limestone, coal, talc, red clay, granite, marble, coal, gold, and precious and semi-precious stones (tourmaline, aquamarine, ruby, and sapphire). Similarly, Nepal is also endowed with other construction minerals including construction aggregates, sand, gravel, dimension stone, decorative stones, paving stones, and roofing slates. In order for sustainable use of these resources, Kathmandu University has initiated the Bachelors in Engineering in Mining Engineering.

To increase the in-house capacity development and develop skilled manpower that can directly contribute to the national economy, KU aspires to produce proficient engineers proactively. With a total intake of 30 students, the university will produce the first batch of students by 2027. Students enrolled in this program will benefit from the exceptional quality of education and enjoy the wonderful nature and pollution-free learning environment at Dhulikhel.

The program curriculum will focus on developing skills directly relevant to mining engineering. Overall, the first year of the program covered the fundamental courses to develop a foundation and understanding of upcoming core subjects. The second year also covered some fundamental subjects and additional core subjects while the third year focused on the core subjects required for the field. The fourth year of the program mainly focused on specialized subjects with the last semester covering a final project and a field-based internship.

Career Opportunities:

  • Mining Construction Industries
  • Hydropower and Tunnel Projects
  • Government Organizations
  • Consulting Firms
  • Academic Sectors
  • Research Centers

Course Curriculum